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If you thought there was a search engine marketing magical formula, think again. You must remember each of the search engines (Google, MSN, Yahoo, etc) have rules of their own governing the way they index sites, algorithms setting, as well as, the way they frequently change them. Always avoid search engine marketing tips and information trying to claim to be ‘the perfect magical formula’ or the ‘secret’ towards achieving the highest ranking in some of the top search engines.

Also, watch out for those search engine optimization sites or companies guaranteeing top ranking. If such a guarantee is not in writing, and you cannot check the reference’s of the company, just forget them. Checking their reputation online can also give you a picture of how they operate. Online forums like to grind service companies that never perform as guaranteed.

In addition, you might want to avoid using automated tools for search engine submission. This is because they will definitely submit similar information to each search engine without considering the requirements a particular search engine has. After submission to a search engine, do not expect indexing immediately. It might take you three months before the site is listed.

Remember that search engine marketing strategies and rules tend to change very fast, but if you maintain three crucial factors, you will definitely achieve a superb ranking with time. These are links, keywords and content. Content is king and thus must be unique, as well as important to search engines since they cater for people searching new information. Keywords will make a person searching the content you have created to find your website, or links to it. Linking to high-ranking blogs will also attract search engines and might be a determinant of the ranking you get from them.

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